I have the pots wired and caps. On the switch and input jack theres a ground symbol.
Do I ground those to the pots as well or are they themselves grounds?
Also my input jack has 3 soldering locations on it. One connected to centre ring and one each for each 'jack grabbing arm'. So i dunno which ones are which on the chart since it has 2 solder spots + 1 jack contact arm.
you should connect all your grounds.
i believe they normally all meet on one volume pot.
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How do I wire that puppy up? Im almost done everything else.
Edit: should i just wire the tip that touches the end of the jack to the switch, and use the centre hole one as a ground, leaving the other alone?
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So Ive figured that bit out.
But I totally screwed shit up.
Volume pot on my bridge is either acting as a tone pot or only slightly reducing volume.
Bridge tone does nothing. Neck tone might be working I cant really tell so prolly not.
Neck volume works perfectly although it cuts the volume drastically from say 10-5, anything lower is off. Theres is a slight buzz as well that goes away when pups or switch are touched.

I followed the diagram exactly. But I think I have a ground loop?
All my grounds lead to the neck volume pot. I really would like to do this myself, im pretty cash strapped right now...
Btw if it matters (about the volume thing) i used gibson 500k pots.
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