Thinking about swapping the bridge Pickup in my SSS Strat (Fender MIM Standard) with a humbucker (it's HSS routed, I've checked). Two things though; there are a great deal of HB's out there. I'm really looking for something more powerful than a strat single coil, which is like 95% of all pickups, but not like metal super distortion aggressive. Something more mid-range-y than a metal pickup (I play a gamut of Blues, Rock, Punk stuff, but no metal). But I don't have anywhere really to start looking, so some recommendations on Pickups would be nice. Oh, but no single coil sized HBs, I don't care if they're easier to replace, they're ugly as sin and I'd much rather do the extra work and pay a little more for a better looking guitar.

But the more important thing is what would be the tonal difference if I used a Mini-humbucker instead of a regular sized one? Besides the mounting issue; I'd need to custom cut my own pickguard, what makes a Mini-humbucker different than a humbucker?
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You can get custom pickguards from warmoth, anything you would need they can do for a strat, and they aren't that expensive either.

As for pickups, generally a full size humbucker will have more power than a stacked single coil humbucker, and will sound slightly different.

what I would recommend:
Dimarzio PAF Anniversary (full size)
Dimarzio PAF PRO (full size)
Dimarzio Breed (full size)
Dimarzio Tone Zone (full size or stack)
Dimarzio Injector (stack)
Dimarzio Pro Track (stacked)

Seymour Duncan '59 (full size)
Seymour Duncan JB (full size)
Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 (full size)
Seymour Duncan Coolrails (stacked)
Seymour Duncan classic stack (stacked)
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