Title sorta unrelated, I just really like that song. Either way, I am leaving tomorrow for a long trip and I am wondering about all the guitars and gear I'm leaving behind. I'm not really sure how to phrase this... but are there any precautions I should take so that nothing bad happens to any of my gear? I'm really just looking for anything I might not know about when it comes to leaving equipment alone and unsupervised for a while. I'm not talking about people stealing it or anything extreme like that, just factors like temperature, erosion, or whatever else can happen. Any help is much appreciated

cool story bro

and yeah, be careful. Gear tends to talk about you behind your back. Especially if you suck.
put it all in a safe box.
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Not really.

Unless its an acoustic guitar, you might want to leave it in a case with a humidifier, depending on your areas humidity. You dont want it to dry out.
put guitars in their cases... and guard dogs. i prefer rotrweilers, don't forget to leave them food.
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