Hi guys, quick question. Is a floyd supposed to look like this?? I adjusted the pivot screws so i could get rid of the fret buzz. But now im worried if doing so will damage the guitar. As you can see in the picture its sticking out pretty much and i can't help but worry. BTW its an Epiphone Les Paul PlusTop PRO/FX.

you want the floyd parallel to the body. doesn't look like yours is far off, but poor quality pics aren't helping my judgement.

raising the studs is perfectly fine, you are not going to hurt anything, just get it where you like it.

adjust truss rod, then intonate and you it should be playing like a dream.


also for general knowledge, solid body electric guitars are pretty durable instruments, there isn't a whole lot that they can't take for a short period of time.
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The angle on that Floyd is fine. If you're getting fretbuzz, its probably because you have the action set too low, or you don't have enough neck relief.
The Setup thread sticky in the Electric Guitar forum has a guide on measuring & setting the neck relief
^ yeah

i mean without seeing it in my hand the photo might be playing tricks on my eyes, but it looks more or less parallel to the guitar's body, which is what you want.
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