Hi guys,

I'm a beginner guitarist and I've just recently developed the hardness in my fingertips that lets me do bar chords and such for extended periods of time. I was wondering if there's any way I could maintain that hardness and keep my finger tips in shape while I'm away for the summer and without a guitar. I'll be away for around a month. Any tips/suggestions?

Also, I'm hoping that finger movements and chords are the type of skill that can't really be forgotten in a month. Am I right about that? Or will I have to worry about getting rusty with my chords as well?

I don't think you'll completely lose the ability to form chords but usually after a break it will take you a little bit of time to get back up to speed. Usually takes me about 30 minutes if its been a month or so.
A month? You'll be fine, I stopped playing for like 4 months once and only had to practice a bit to be the same level I was before..
You could also buy a sinsonido travel guitar, or a used martin backpacker. There are tons of travel guitars out there. Hell, you could buy a cheap electric at a garage sale if you have the space.
The best is always to practice with your guitar. If not you could build up strength and speed in your wrist.
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