I noticed a bunch of people on here use garageband to record stuff so I thought maybe we could have discussions about it in this thread.

I've been using it for the past few years, just starting to really indulge in it though.
Question: Can anybody give me some tips on how to add more clarity in between tracks (and instruments)? In other words, I'll listen to a mix of mine and notice that the guitars (even when one is panned all the way to the right and one is all the way to the left) will still bleed over my drum track a bit.


I would try messing with some of the effects to balance it out. Maybe the compresser. One thing I like to do is use the overdrive effect and edit the output and gain levels until it balances nicely with the rest of the tracks
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Also, if i were to import a garageband project into logic, would the sound quality be improved? (after i put it into logic)
Garage band is awesome. I just recorded a song on it today and it sounds pretty cool I think.

I think the greatest part of GB is the fact that it is STANDARD on all (I think) macs. Its so easy to use and looks great. If you want to have some fun when mixing, swing the Master Pan control from left to right and so forth. Very cool effect at times.

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Importing into Logic won't improve the sound quality but it will give you more options when it comes to VSTs and plug-ins as well as a more elaborate setup (ie. Mixing console, track controls, etc.)
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