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It'd sound fine, just not what's normally expected.
1 20%
I don't suggest it, but i understand you don't have a bassist nor do you want one.
3 60%
I think it'd sound great!
1 20%
I posted a comment with my thought. (thanks!)
0 0%
Voters: 5.
this not-so-serious thread about a not-so-serious topic. I'm currently in a band with 2 of my friends ive known for almost ever. we all dig the same stuff pretty much, but the thing is that our band is 2 guitarists and 1 drummer. we don't have a bassist (due to many reasons but mainly because *NO ONE* in our area plays bass and we also don't really want one right now because we're very content with working just with eachother)

We're an underground ska/punk band, nothing too special, small shows (house shows/local venues) and we have decent gear. I, the first guitarist, have newer melodic hardcore/punk/ska influences (title fight, menzingers, nsp) the second guitarist is into more math rock/real emo (at the drive in + protest the hero/american football) and our drummer is a straight punk (casualties, buzzcocks, dead kennedys, dead milkmen etc)

anyhow I mostly play the backup/melodic riffs and he's all over the place so i try to keep steady (playing bass without playing bass?) and our drummer knows what hes doing.

I and the guitarist are 16 while our drummer is turning 16 soon, so this is kind of just for future experience. we're not planning to be big or even moderately known, this is just a sort of underground project.

after that nice novel i just wrote, my main question is how would the crowd think it sounds live? if we all play mostly good as of now (our first show is in 2 weeks or so, were the first band and we have almost 4 songs complete) then how would we sound? not even skill wise just tone wise, with a lead guitar back up guitar and drums.

thanks so much in advance! feel free to talk to me on AIM - xmikemelisky

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Have you heard of the band Local H? All they have is a guitarist and a drummer and they've been around forever. I would personally have no problem seeing a band without a bassist because I'm attracted to the overall sound of the band. If a band sounds solid with a bassist that's great, if a band sounds good without a bassist that's fine too. It just comes down to writing songs that display the strengths that the three of you bring to the table. I say go for it!
it would be tricky, you guys would have to do some fancy EQing, but it can work. nost likely though you wil sound very thin.

but for real though, ska with no bass?
no sir away a papaya war is on
For stuff like ska, you'll really want a bass. Without the groovy basslines, ska kinda sucks.
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totally understood, our other guitarist has played contrabass for years but he refuses to play for the band :/