Hi I recently bought a digitech hardwire delay pedal off ebay only to find that it doesnt turn on this is my first pedal so I dont claim to know alot, but I've tried every connection possible and ive used a battery and power supply im using an ibanez rg350ex and a fender 212 dsp does anyone have any ideas as to whether im e doing it wrong or the thing is just dead because im planning on returning it
thank you
there is really not much you can do besides opening the pedal and making sure all the connections are soldered correctly. If it won't work with a battery, or a DC power source (and it is plugged in on both the input and output right?) then the pedal is most likely dead, and you should return it, or call up digitech and see what they have to say.
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This Is a stupid question, but you did have a cable on the input right?
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yeah i have my guitar hooked up to the input (mono side) and i have a cable running into my amp on the output (mono) as well but no dice
It's busted.
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