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This game is older than the sun
No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable

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For everyone on UG yes?

Considering it's been posted about 100 times, one thread in particular having over 150 posts...

No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable

All you do is alternate between inside (W & O) and outside (Q & P) in rhythm.

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Warned for trolling!

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It's not a fox,it's a wolf.
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Lies and slander backed up by evidence, in other words, not lies and slander.

It's not 'all of ug' -_-'

and go bump that thread if me making this has ruined your day.
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Seriously, a youtube video hasn't made me laugh this hard in a long time.

" have got to be licking my nipples with the tongue of an elephant!"
"Because hoes don't trust anyone.. especially me."
Oh fuck I hate this game...
The plan was to drink until the pain over.
But what's worse, the pain or the hangover?
Who am I? I'm a titan so be expectin' a clash.

It's quite simple, really
I can get up to 17m.

I can make him run normally, but the margin of error is really small so I've never completed the game before.

You can make him go into a running stance by pressing W and O simultaneously at the start.

After that, start alternating between Q + P and W + O. As long as you time it correct he should actually be running.
I did it. Ran and jumped a total of 100.1m


I just altered Q and W, so simple. Slow but sure.
I came into this thread half sure it would be this..

Played and got to -1 metres.

Hell yeah.
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inb4 you can't say you can't inb4 your own thread
This will start a RIOT! in me
I actually made it the whole way before but I kind of cheated because I just crawled on the guy's knees in a way that wouldn't let him fall over and just kicked the hurdle all the way lol.
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your just a simpleton that cant understand strategy apparently.

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Made it to 9.8m by button mashing. Still need practice.
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currently at 10.5 meters.
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Now with 20 percent more Allah!!!

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that'd be slightly creepy if i didn't find it so amusing.
99.1 before i fell

i'm a failure
Chelsea FC

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As for the swim team member that drowned, it just means the swim team just got a lot better. Same with him too, it's time to move on, the weakest link is gone...
Oh my god this innovation in gaming will shake the foundation of society!

But nah seriously, i'm pretty sure this came out the day Jesus died.
Gotta keep my eyes from the circling skies...
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not hated

This question needs answering in some kind of cinematic cutscene before I could possibly play this game properly.
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Didn't click the link but judging from the posts, it's that QWOP game?
Man, that shit's easy

Go play I Wanna Be The Guy, then come back and we'll talk about hard games.
This is so ****ing weird....

...but addictive....
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So I read this as if it were dubstep.

Dubstep makes him wobble to the end.
I Like Orange......

Wobble Wobble Wub Wub Dakka Dakka
I managed to get pretty far using a waltz (3/4) rhytm, starting with hitting the OP keys then QW.
inb4 the second to worst game in the world.
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