About two years ago, I blew out both of my eardrums while they were both infected (really bad allergies because I had moved from Arizona to Texas for school.) and long story short, my right ear never healed back properly (I have diabetes and therefore can rarely fight off infections) and now I am permanently deaf in my right ear. This has made it difficult to mix and record through headphones but what I am more concerned about is my ability to transcribe and compose has dropped a fair amount. I used to have near perfect pitch recognition and now I can still get within a semitone or two but it's been more difficult. Is there anyone else out there that maybe is deaf in one ear or has tinnitus or something? I really would like to know if anyone else has figured out some way to deal with it musically?
If Beethoven can do it, so can you.

Keep on keepin' on.
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I've had bad tinnitus all my life through genetics (yay!)
It helps if you know theory (to know what notes will fit instead of randomly hitting things)
And closing your eyes and repeating a short phrase to transcribe.

It's not been too hard on me since I've had it for such a long time I "ignored" it and didn't actually realize it wasn't normal until I was 17.. I have pretty good pitch detection.. It's not as comfortable to detect though. But tinnitus is different from a blown ear drum.
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.