Well, I'm pretty beginner when it comes to guitar music theory - I've played guitar for a while, but not really gone too deep into music theory and most of what I've learnt I've forgotten.. I know that all that I need is on the site in the lessons section - the trouble is, I don't know where to start; scales? Chords? and where to go from then. So could somebody maybe give me a list of the sections that I should look on in which order?
I can't actually remember what I started on. In a theory sence, probably scales first so when it comes to chords you can see what notes from the scale make a chord, but if you want to get on quickly and learn a song, learn some chords first.
I'm not a complete utter beginner to guitar by any means - I can play loads of songs, complicated or not, I just have next to no knowledge on theory like scales etc. I know about chord's theory being if the bass note is on the third fret of the E string, it's a G etc. and how a chords is made up meaning whether its major, minor, augmented by seeing whether its the 1st 3rd 5th 7th note in the major scale etc. but I don't know anything about chord groups. I know about intervals in scales and I know how they can be used in practice, but I don't know which to start on - and I know absolutely nothing on modes and stuff. Basically, what scales do I start on? How do I learn about which chords go with other chords? Maybe give me some ideas to more advanced scales/chords stuff, and possibly some more advanced theory too. I know it's a lot to ask D:
I suggest you research your knowledge on reading music and notation associated with it first. So you know why E# is Enharmonic to F, and Cb to B, what a dotted crotchet is, swing rhythms etc. Then learn your major scale, natural minor and harmonic minor scales. Next comes modes (Starting at different positions of the scale). Becoming fluent with modes will allow you to understand what chord progressions will sound pleasant or dissonant together. Then it's just a matter of fleshing out the chords after composing melodies. If you rather work the other way around (Create chord progressions, then melodies) then you can start with chordal knowledge before modes and learn the difference between a sus2 and add9 even when the 2nd interval in the sus2 chord is an octave above the root. You should be able to teach yourself this through some theory books, learn from an instrumental tutor, or if worst comes to worst, learn from the internet. If you do decide on the internet, make sure you can confirm a particular concept with about 5 sites before knowing it's true. Hope that helps.
Thanks so much! Exactly what I was looking for... I think I'm going to try to learn via my teacher, but since I only get half an hour a week, I'm likely to use Ultimate Guitar in cross reference to one or two other sites as recommended if I fall short of things to practice Unbelievably helpful, thanks again!
Have a read through Josh Urban's Crusade articles in the Columns section, that should give you a pretty clear structure to work through
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