My attempt at something that could work as a pop song(ish) maybe (with vocals to be added offcourse). As with all my work this is all bass. I really wanted to use a decent synth effect for lead playing but the ME-50B has to have the most disgusting synth sounds I have ever head (imo) so I settled for a bit of distortion and some delay, not completely happy though with that though.

Tell me what you guys think

(also my recorder chucked a skitz in the first 5 seconds and went crazy with the drum machine so that was NOT deliberate but apparently I got to rerecord the whole thing if I want to get rid of it and it's not that bad i guess lol.)

Thanks again.

PS. always willing to C4C just link me in the comments!
Everything except for the distorted bass was pretty good. Nice job.
Kombat Gear:

          Drums sounded cheesy when the song started, but sounded better once the bass started. I like the main rhythm riff, though the playing could be tighter in some places. Sounds like lead guitar in two places, but I guess it's bass (my least favorite part of the song due to note selection). Some drum fills would be nice. Please review my music at this link:

          Really cool idea, and you pulled it off well. Like somebody else said, the distorted bass was sort of hard to listen to, and the timing of the clean bass wasn't quite perfect. Cool stuff though.

          C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1459252
          I agree with people saying the drums were a bit cheesy, they could do with abit of spicing up really. The 2 bass that are supposed to be bass are really good, they work well together, I'm just going to have to agree with everyone about the distorted bass playing. It seems as if you're trying to substitute a regular electric with a bass, but what you should really do is just play a regular electric. It's what this song needs I think!

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