So i havea guitar with a 3-way pickup switch and two humbuckers. Is it possible to insert a 5-way? Also, how do i do it, and what would the pickupcombinations be? Im pretty noob in stuff like this. My pickups are dimarzio chrunch lab/liquifire (in a ltd guitar), the john petrucci signature guitars usally come whit this pickups and a 5 way switch anyway.
Actually only one of the JP models has a 5 way
Depends what you want to do. Most wiring setups with 2 humbuckers need a superswitch. With that you can get;
-Bridge pickup
-Outer coils
-Both humbuckers
-Inner coils
-Neck pickup

Or what I personally prefer;
-Bridge in series
-Bridge in parallel
-Inside coils
-Neck in parallel
-Neck in series

The parallel positions are still fully hum cancelling, but they give you a much more Stratty tone.
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Here's a diagram. The colours won't be right for Dimarzio's, they diagram uses Seymour Duncan colour codes, so you'll have to swap them over.

And you can use this to swap the colours over

Thank you so much !