Hey guys, I wrote a new song and i think it turned out quite well but I'd like your opinion Keep in mind this was a cell phone recording.

As always C4C, just leave me a link!

Ps. if you have time can your crit this one as well?

Edit: It's supposed to have lyrics but I dont sing so keep that in mind
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I wasn't sure if the sound of the rain was background noise while you recorded, or added on purpose; either way it makes the recording more interesting (I later concluded you added it). It's a bit repetitive in spots, but that is often hard to avoid in instrumentals. If it were me, I would have made it shorter, or added vocals. I still like it overall. Playing could be tighter in some places. I like the melodies. I suggest adding drums or playing to a (not to be audible in the recording) metronome to help on the timing. Please review my music at this link:

Dude thats actually pretty cool lmao, I didnt know guitarpro could sound that good. What version do you have? and it's got awesome rhythm and a hard hitting riff but you gotta record thos one live man. as for my song, I should have mentioned that its supposed to have lyrics but I can't sing so until I get a singer its gotta stay at this :/
2/17/08 Kosova's independence!!!