Hey guys, im new to this forum... I was wondering if somebody could help me.

I have a Motherbucker pickup and a Push/Pull volume pot.

How do i wire these up? I've found loads and loads of wiring diagrams on the internet but none of them are for this basic setup.

I wanna have one humbucker on all the time, and when i pull up the switch i want the second humbucker to come on (Motherbucker is two humbuckers in one pickup)

If anyone is kind enough to help me, could you colour code the diagram?

Thank you.
I'm pretty sure you just follow a diagram as if it was 2 humbuckers
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Wouldn't you just wire it up as if it were a normal humbucker and you were using the push pull pot as a coil split? Except you would wire it backwards on the push pull pot so the pulled position would be both humbuckers on, and down would be coil split(one humbucker).
I'll get a picture from somewhere now. It comes with instructions but not for coil tapping.
Ok, I see, I'm only gonna guess here, but this is how I would wire it up, since this is always a good guide to follow. Red is your hot wire, that goes to(if you had a pickup selector) the pickup selector, and the black is your negative wire, it goes to the volume pot ground. The green and white wire get soldered together and taped out of the way. And your shielding also gets soldered to the volume pot, or ground.

So in the coil split pot, the first hot(red) wire would go to the first lug labeled(split/tap wire P1) and the second red wire would go to the second lug labeled(split/tap wire P2), and then continue to wire it as a normal humbucker, if you have a switch, wire the switch normally.

Try that, and you can test it before you seal it all up by plugging the guitar into the amp, turning it on, and tapping on the pickup coils with a metal object, you should hear a pop, if it worked, then the push pot should deactivate one coil and tapping on that coil should produce VERY LITTLE sound.
That diagram defines the split/tap wire to be different than the red (hot) wire :S.
No, that only applies if you wanted to coil split a normal humbucker, what you have is two separate humbuckers smashed together, so each has it's own coil splitting wires, and you don't want to coil split each separate humbucker, you want to control which humbucker is on via a push pull pot.

Try this, except think of your two humbuckers, as smashed together. http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=2h_1v_3w_pp
I told you in that picture, basically two humbuckers (in one pickup) and a volume push pull pot. Thats it.
I told you, Red is hot, black is negative, green and white get soldered together, sheilding wire gets soldered to pot.

Red is the start of the slug coil, black is the end of the second coil, green is the end of the slug coil, white is the start of the second coil. Think of it as two single coils in series for each humbucker.
So your saying the start of the second coil gets soldered to the end of the first coil?
-sigh- so how do i wire it all up, your being very helpful but what would be the most helpful is a diagram. Because up to now the only thing you've actually told me to connect is the green and white.

What about the hot wire from the output jack?

Gah so confused, like i said a diagram will be the end to all this :/.
Well, there is no diagram apparently since what you're doing is a custom wiring job.

Read through this thread https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1019006

This shows how to coil split a single humbucker. So I guess, substitute the red and black of the second humbucker for the green and white on this diagram.


So, in the SD diagram, take what they show as the green and white, and replace it with the red and black of your second humbucker on your motherbucker.

The middle lug of the volume pot will go to the hot wire on your input jack.
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Can you not just draw me a diagram? Like i asked in my first post?

It would be much much easier... Just giving me links to two different things and telling me to swap parts around isnt working...
It's ok, but use some critical thinking skills dude, drawing a diagram by me is just going to confuse you even more, it's simple, just do what I said, and it should work.

Just, calm down, go get something to drink and eat, and come back, and think about what I'm trying to get you do to, you're just swapping wires around, nothing more.
Quote by dworrall
OK, so the diagram you sent me is asking me to do this yes?


No, just use the diagram as a starting point, don't follow it exactly, cause you're having to do a unique wiring job. The green and white wire, instead of having those go to where they are going, solder them together and tap them off out of the way, and the solder the red and black from the OTHER humbucker in the place where it wanted you to solder the green and white wire.

Why did you have to choose such a difficult set up?

It should work, but I could be completely wrong cause I've never wired up anything like this before.

EDIT: If this fails, PM InvaderJim, or anyone of those guys from that Ultimate Wiring thread, and they should be able to help you out quickly.
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You almost have it right. Look at this diagram, it'll explain how you hook up the jack in better detail.


Now, using this diagram, exclude the 3 way switch, so the black wires will solder to the left lug of the volume pot, not where the group of 6 lugs is, the group of 3 lugs.

Keep your white and green wires soldered together, exclude the green wire being soldered to the pot.

Shielding wire is sill grounded to the case of the pot.

So ONLY the RED wires will be going to the two middle lugs on the 6 lug push pull section, depending on which way you wire it, it'll determine which pickup is on or off.

Bridge the first two lugs closest to the pot on the 6 lug push pull section and then ground it to the case of the volume pot, like it shows.

Then you bend one of the VOLUME pots 3 FRONT lugs, mainly the left one, up and soldered it to the case of the pot.

The center lug of the volume pot is sent to the tip(hot) of your jack. And from the Volume pot case you send a wire to the sleeve(ground) of the jack.

Lastly, you send a wire from the volume pot case again to a grounding point on your bridge.

That's exactly how you should wire it up.
Yes, that looks right according to what all my research has shown me.

I'm not sure how to explain how a push/pot works in this situation, but that's how you should wire it up, and it should technically work.

Well, there should be a wire coming of some sort of metal that is in contact with the strings, which is usually either the bridge mounting screws or the trem claw of a tremlo.
The red wires.... In either switch position arent gunna work. one side is grounded and the other side has nothing but red - how does that work :S.
Idk dude, just ask this in the ultimate wiring thread, I've never used a push/pull pot so I have no idea how to wire them up, I can just use other diagrams and make assumptions.

Obviously I'm the only one helping you, so just ask in the Ultimate wiring thread and you'll get a correct response.
I posted there hours ago, nothing :/.

Shouldnt the two black wires go to the two bottom lugs on the 6 pin part?
Technically, you can't hurt the pickup by wiring it wrong. Just look up a diagram of how a puch/pull pot works (it should be like a DPDT switch) and use that as a guide.
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