Headed off to college this fall and I guess it's time for a combo as much as I love having a halfstack. Looking to trade my Epiphone Socal 50 and Bugera 412BK cab for an all tube combo, and hopefully roadcase. I also have a 32 gig iPod touch to throw in if interested, and a little cash to sweeten the deal for the right amp. Pictures upon request. Will also entertain offers to sell outright if anyone is interested. Thanks.
Has less than 3 hours left on ebay. I don't want to post the link because I know that's frowned upon, but it's seriously the only one for sale on there if you search Epiphone So Cal 50. Someone is going to get a good deal.
NECROBUMP... Whats this combo sound like? I have that same amp, am looking at the cab because its cheap at the moment. What speakers are in the cabs?