Title says it. Who is your favourite SONGWRITER?

Mine is Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth). I just find his work genius.

Probably Jari Mäenpää (Wintersun, Ex. Ensiferum). Mainly because with Wintersun he has handled almost everything by himself, and I love how his music gives off such a huge sound.
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Axl Rose.

Excellent music, shame he's such a ****.
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Tom Waits, Jason Lancaster and Andrew McMahon
No particular order
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Miika Tenkula would definitely take the first place.
Other songwriters that write/wrote really awesome stuff:
Michael Amott, Jari Mäenpää, pre-AYDY Alexi Laiho, Altti Veteläinen, Pekka & Antti Kokko...
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Hands down, Ian Metzger of Dear and the Headlights. He is one of the best lyricists I've ever seen.

Raise your chin love
Purged a poem I swore was finished
Heaping lines half chewed unconscious
Settle on a plot, chalk another loss
Stage set for breathing and
Choking on swallowed conversations
Clutching and crawling for constant validation

Still nailed in the ruins of
Corporate co-dependence
Still stuck on the thought
That you're the one exception
All the while just the same
I'm worried that the purpose
Is how I look not how I lived

And you don't want to look surprised but you're in constant ahhh!
Ain't no fig leaf big enough to hide your dicktion flaws now
Teeming pools of alphabetic shame that spit out
Infinitely indolent verbs across your page