I've had a dbx 266xl rack compressor in my loop for some time now, it's the only thing i have in my loop at this point in time, and I can't seem to actually get a "compressed" clicky tone out of it, as with a pedal compressor. The only remotely "clicky" compressed sound I get is when I am messing with the noise gate part of the compressor. is the rack compressor even supposed to sound like a pedal compressor? I admit I am somewhat of a noob when it comes to rack units and effects chains. any help is very much appreciated. Thanks
Rack gear is generally higher quality. A rack compressor should be far more transparent than a pedal. I think what you are hearing in the pedal you are comparing it to is in fact a deficiency of the pedal. A really good compressor should be almost unnoticeable except for the actual compression itself. Other artifacts are a sign of a lower quality device.
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