I looking for a new guitar and have the chance to buy a Guild GAD-25 with a Fishman pickup or, for $125 more, a Martin DC-1E. Does anybody have any experience with either of these guitars? I have a Guild GAD-50 and love it but a solid wood Martin is extremely tempting.

I play country music 99.9% of the time. Both sound good with fingerpicking.
i think the things that would make this decision are personal preference, so no one else's opinion would help. i prefer the guild to the martin. the martin is all solid but doesn't have the same bracing as a "real" martin, and the bracing is a huge contributing factor to tone. the martin has the stratabond neck which some like and others really don't, and has a satin finish that some like but i find sort of dry to the touch where the guild has a gloss finish.
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