I recently acquired a new device, the Guitar Resonator (GR-1 by vibesware.com). I recommend you visit the site to see the device in action and how it sounds within a rock music context. I plan on doing rock-based songs with the GR-1, but the song below uses nothing more than a fairly clean amp (only a touch of gain), the GR-1 and my vibrato arm on an Ibanez JS2400. Once you crank the gain/distortion on your amp/pedals, you get some wild feedback harmonics that you can integrate with regular playing and your usual equipment. It adds a really nice touch and finish to soloing work. I will have a review up on this product in the near future.

I really liked the song, good production and the acoustic sounds nice and dreamy. Where'd you get the strings from, I think they sound better than any string synths I have right now!

As for the lead, I really like the sound you got out of it and the feel of the song. It kind of sounds like Dave Gilmour playing through a Mellotron. I thought maybe you could've used more of the neck as it sounded like about 80% of the notes were around about the same place. Also you could try sustaining more than one note at a time for different harmonies etc.
I think if you could bring a delay into it about half way through for a section and play around with that you could get some really cool sounds coming out of it.

Overall I really liked it, nice simple combination of instruments and sounds that all compliment each other.

If you get the chance to crit my song in return, I'd appreciate it


Edit: P.s I just went on the Vibesware website.. that's the coolest thing I've ever seen!
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Thanks for the comments... I wrote this in 10 minutes and so it's pretty bare bones (no added harmony stuff or anything). The background is nothing more than Band-in-a-Box... you punch in your chords, style of music, tempo, etc., and it does the rest. I tossed in some basic chords and simply improvised a short piece, but did it twice to demo the two tone possibilities of the unit. What I did is very different from how I typically would use the Resonator... as a means of sustain or adding feedback at the end of notes during soloing.
It somehow reminded me of a countertenor singing. Odd, original sounding, melancholic, and good.