So, I've had my Pacifica 012 with an Irongear Rolling Mill in the bridge for a while now, it's getting a bit battered and I'm wanting some sound variation.

I'll have anything from £200 to £300 to spend, just presume £300 for now. I'm not sure whether to get a low-end guitar or bare body and swap the electronics out with some Dimarzios or Duncans, or buy a whole new guitar for the price and leave it as is?

Going to be playing mainly Guns N' Roses stuff with it. I'm thinking something BC Rich, either a warlock or a mockingbird, some design like that - but open to suggestions (don't have time to look round every online shop right now )

That's another thing, any stores you lot recommend?

Cheers all
Hmm, will that not require painting though? Something I am not particularly skilled at, to say the least :p
Painting is not that hard, you just have to take your time and not rush. Sull's Guitar Garage on you tube can explain it in very easy to understand videos
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Shall keep that in mind as an option, cheers all.

If I did go for a completely new axe, I'd be getting either:

http://www.guitar.co.uk/guitars/electric_guitars/solid_body_electric_guitars/1862-bc_rich_masterpiece_mockingbird_electric_guitar?page=2 - BC Rich Masterpiece Mockingbird @£269.99


http://www.guitar.co.uk/guitars/electric_guitars/solid_body_electric_guitars/2718-bc_rich_trace_warbeast_t_electric_guitar?page=2 BC Rich Warbeast T @ £269.99

Most likely the mockingbird, I've played one before and loved it.

Theoretically speaking if I did go for one of these, which would those on here take?

If it was me I would get the Mockingbird. The Warbeast has a cheap Licensed Floyd Rose on it that will wear out fast.
i made my own schecter syn type guitar, not stripy tho, for £220 and no reused parts, all from ebay. the body was a bit of mahogany i got for £60, flloyd rose bridge £17, really good unbranded pickups £20 2 humbuckers. recomend ebay fo' sho'