Hey, I'm new to this forum so take it easy on me!
Is there anyway to mod or control the effects level on this pedal to make the delay cut ? I have parts where I want delay up to a certain point and I want to kill it. I know you can by turning the effects knob down, is there anyway to do that via add on switch?
Also on the twist effect I want to be able to cut it so it doesn't have the long delay after it hits highest pitch.
Thanks for any help
First, I'd guess this should really go in the forum for mods and such..... "Gear building and customizing". Second, I'm sure something could be done that would meet your needs. Perhaps as simple as adding an input jack for a "volume/expression control" type pedal. Then just use the pedal (generic ones are plentiful) to replace/bypass the effect time. Easy if you know how to solder and can identify the parts inside the pedal. Just parallel the added input jack with the knob that adjusts the time. Then when you connect the "volume/expression" pedal, it will adjust the time. But I've never actually done this, but it seems like it would work.

Oh, and welcome to the forums.