i had a part time job so now I have a little bit of money and I reeeeeally need a new guitar. I saw a new TOKAI AST33 for +/-340$ in a local shop and it had my eye on. It sounds as good as a FENDER MIM STRAT but is two times cheaper in my country. Would you buy it? Does anybody have any experience with this guitar? Any other suggestions in the same price range?
Thank you!

p.s. I'm living in Lithuania so EBAY is not an option
that's one of the cheaper non-japanese ones. the japanese ones are great, but the other ones aren't meant to be as good. I haven't tried any of their cheaper fender copies, but their cheaper gibson copies, er, aren't as good as the japanese ones.

you can sometimes get good deals on the (japanese) gs100, a couple of shops here in the UK have them around the £350 mark (which is a bit more than $340, but a fair bit less than MIMs from the sounds of things where you are).

though shipping might be the killer. we really get ripped on shipping here in the UK and the shops just tend to pass the costs on to the customer.
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