Yea, you read it right. I'm looking for the Pink Hello Kitty guitar made by Squier. If anybody here has it and want to sell it. I'm the guy to sell it to! If you've switched the original PU, tuners, bridge, no biggie. Saves me work.

What I'm willing to pay for it depends on how long you've had the guitar in your possession, mods and damage (if any) to the guitar. So please include that info in your reply also a few pictures would be nice, especially of the damage if there is any. You could also just name your price and we'll see if I agree with it.

Also, I live in Europe so I preferably buy from somebody in Europe. Shipping is less this way (I hope ^^''). US is fine too, other end of the globe... preferably not...

Hope you guys can help me get my hands on this guitar. :3

there's one on ebay going for £50 at the moment.
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Ooooh, sorry, didn't realize there were two Hello Kitty strats. I meant the one with the pickguard shaped like Hello Kitty's head. xD
And the ones on ebay are either more than I'm willing to pay or they don't ship to where I live.