When i turn on the amp ( with distortion and without ) it makes a noise that destroy your ears :| , i turn off the volume and its happen again... hope you have the answer.
What is that noise ?
Like a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ?
Or a high-pitched noise ?
And most importantly : When you turn your guitar volume to 0 or unplug the guitar (from the guitar connector, not from the amp side!), does the noise disappear?
These questions will help us see your problem.
It makes a BUZZZZZZZ, and it doesnt disappear the sound with unpluggin the guitar or turning volume off, i turn the amp on WITHOUT the cabble connector and it makes that noise :S
1) Don't turn the volume up all the way
2) Don't turn the gain up all the way
3) Use your EQ
4) ???
5) Profit !!!

BTW, what amp do you have ?
A palmer from 15 watts, i dont turn the volume up all the way, its normally andi always play with max gain and today start to make the bzzz, however, doesn't work :S