So I haven't recorded anything new in a while, but I did this today. Some of it's a little... meh, but I had fun with it. Please give it a listen and lemme know what you think!


You listen to mine, I'll listen to yours. :P

Edit: By the way, I had some huge sound troubles way back and I hope I've fixed them now. It's not great, but it's definitely better.

And also, does UG delete mp3s that you posted a long time ago? O.O
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Totally reminds me of Rust by Black Label Society. At least the background guitar does.

I actually really like it. Some good ideas in there, and I love the tone of your guitar -- even if the two aren't mixed perfectly. Good stuff, man.
Thank ya much. You mind explaining the mixed thing? I'm sort of a step below casual as far as recording goes. At one point I was learning, but I got lazy :3. You referring to the fact that my eqs and such and such are kind of skillless-ly thrown together? Hahaha.
No, it's more or less the blend of tones between the lead and rhythm guitars. At times, they sound a bit harsh together -- mostly when the main drones out the rhythm. I don't have much experience there, so I couldn't tell you specifically what's going on -- but that's what my ear tells me. :P

Like I said though, both parts are great. I don't know if it was just a backing track or whatnot, but the musical ideas were really interesting.
Yeah, like I said, blame it on lack of experience. I've never been able to get 2 things to sound good together haha. Oh well.

And both the backing and the solo are original. I had a lot more stuff on UG, but it all disappeared. including comments and ratings. *Sad face*.

Thanks for commenting on my vid ! I really dig your vibe man. I like the sound of the backing guitar !! your lead sound...well it needs a little bit of reverb/delay i think. But you did a great job buddy !

Keep up the good work ;-)

Thank ya much, and no problem at all! Thanks for the comment back! I do think my lead sound needs a little bit more... something. I just have to do some tweaking. Thanks for the compliments!
Yeah, my recordings are always kind of hastily slapped together, it's just for me to get an idea out there. I was a little bit overly sloppy on this one. You should hear my earlier ones though, they were awful. x.X I may re-record it at a later date. Thanks for the feedback!