Up for sale (or trade) is a BWM KONG small valve head. It is switchable from triode to pentode mode (3W/5W). Well sturdy, nice handle and a classic tweed finish. Sounds fantastic, but need the space and ideally would prefer a 2 channel clean amp like a Ht-1 for example.

You can never get bored of fiddling with the Banana, Nut and Poo controls! Shold mention there is a slight mark on the front of the amp on the black Kong plate, no idea what it is but doesn't rub off with polish, but it is purely cosmetic and barely noticable from a few feet away.

Notable points from BWM:

The Kong:
Pentode/Triode switch: This reduces the power output (see manual for figures). This allows you to run the valves hot to get the optimal tone, but reduces the volume, so you can keep on good terms with the neighbours.
Toroidal transformer: We use this type for two main reasons—it takes up less space, but more importantly, it makes less hum. You’d normally only find them in high-end boutique amps. Fitted as standard in ours.
DI output: This line-out lets you plug straight into a mixing desk or PA system. Great for gigging. Kong has an XLR output too.
Speaker out: Line-out for speaker cabinets. 5 watts sounds small, but it’ll do just great driving a 12x1 cabinet (speakers must be rated at same output as amp—mixing may result in damage to the amp).
Military grade capacitors: This amp is ready for war. These are used for their durability and hard wearing.
JJ Electronics (Tesla) valves: We have included JJs at no extra cost. No other amp in this class offers 6L6 power valves. These give the best sound on our set-up.
No Ring Ring: Fitted to the pre-amp valve (12AX7) to reduce microphonics. You won’t find these in other amps. They allow the true voice of the amp to come through, loud and clear.
High-quality circuit board: Most components are hard-wired with minimal solder points. No flimsy PCBs.

I also have the additional set of valves I'm throwing in two if the JJ's don't take your fancy.

Taking into account the slight logo damage, looking for £130 delivered, with the extra valves. Will listen to close, sensible offers.

Heres some samples of what it sounds like from their website: