Im a little bit miffed reading about people from the u.s finding Gibson and fender guitars at bargin prices in garage sales and craigslist, just wondered if any of you brits had had similar strokes of luck and give me an idea of where to look and inspire me that it does happen here!
I am assuming you know of gumtree? If not, then that has quite a few good deals. Once i could have got an LTD ex-50 for £100 ( i know thats nowhere near as good as a gibson, but still a bargain!)
Got me plenty of bargins on ebay, just gotta keep looking.

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i got an epiphone G400 for £75 [fellow ug-er]

fender D-dec jnr for £35 [local radio shop]

BRAND NEW Fender Classic Player 60's strat 3-tier sunburst (RRP £600) for £380 with a hard case guitar shop in Chester]

that's pretty much my finds... nothing special really but i'm happy.
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