What up people!

I dident know wich of the catagories to choose so i just put down a thread in bands/artists.

I need help finding good acoustic music, i´d like to find some good songs/artists with fingerpicking patterns or a good rhythm.

Examples of what im looking for could be stuff like "who says" by john mayer, Butterfly or im yours by jazon mraz. Better together or Imagine (john lennon cover) by jack johnson.

Also some pieces like cavatina by john williams.

Thanks in advance, i really need this so please give it a thought.
An enjoyable (and highly acclaimed) acoustic album is Eric Clapton - Unplugged. Some nice fingerpicking songs on there such as the famous "Tears in Heaven"

Another artist would be Jackson Browne- check out the track "These Days" (live version usually has the fingerpicking)
No Other Way - Jack Johnson
The Heart of Life - John Mayer
Stop This Train - John Mayer
Enemy - Jack Johnson
Finger picking acoustic try Simon and Garfunkel - Kathys song
Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats
or any of the Fleet foxes stuff
Dave Matthews has some good rhythm stuff.
Check out this new guy Andy Grammer he's become my new favorite and has some slap picking songs.