Hey everyone, I was just looking to see if anybody knew some songs that were good for strengthening the left hand (hand on the neck). Something kind of like New Born by Muse where you are struggling to keep your hand moving.

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I Feel Love, Donna Summer. Check out the bassline to that.

RHCP do a live cover of it, go grab some tabs and lets yourself go!!
I love Prog, +1 for synth solos and songs about maggie thatcher.


Geddy Lee Jazz (Black )
Fender Rumble 100 (It lights up )
MXR Auto-Wah (Purple... )
Boss Bass Overdrive (I can almsot sound like Chris Wolstenholme )
Xanadu b Rush is a good one if you're skilled enough to do it and make it sound good
The Analog Kid by Rush. Just try to keep up. You'll see.
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I was gonna say Xanadu, but 1000lan beat me to it.

Yeah, Xanadu is a good choice for hand strength building.
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Brain Drill - Sadistic Abductive
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Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

I like to play this by rotating between index and ring finger to index and pinky finger as a warm up sometimes.
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I wish - Stevie Wonder
Want you back - Jackson 5
Cosmic Girl - Jamiroquai
Chameleon - Herbie Hancock

Couple of nice grooving tracks, nothing difficult but will build strength, stamina and technique. You should be aiming to have minimum movement in your hand position where possible. Billy Sheehan has a good video about it here >> http://www.guitar-lessons-videos.com/videos/70-Bass-Lesson-with-Billy-Sheehan-Economy-of-Motion
Cake - Hem of your garment. not very hard but very fun to play =)

Symphony X - Domination. This will really work your left hand.

Metallica - Pulling teeth. Try to learn all of the song and this will really work your left hand. I was bleeding when I was trying to get this song right =)
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Immigration Song - Led Zeppelin

It's an easy song, but the repetitiveness on the main riff is like a hand workout and then there's the 16th note scales all in the key of C major just starting on different notes (A, B, C).
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