So long story short, I have a Buckethead Signature Gibson Les Paul (not the studio) that I was afraid of taking out because it's my most expensive guitar and I damaged it. I figured that I was probably just paranoid, and that I take good care of my instruments so nothing would happen if I take it to a band practice.

Lo and behold, an a**hole that I know spills ROOT BEER on the body and into the pickups!

I cleaned the body up with some Ernie Ball Guitar Polish, and got all that yellow gunk off. However I'm not sure what to do about the pickups.

They sound ok, I'll have to keep testing them out further but, no damage seems to have been done to the volume pots or the pickups' sound themselves.

But still, I can't help but get that "what if" feeling.

Is there any way of being sure that everything is in working order or that there will be no deteriorating effects?

I know this might sound a bit extreme, but I really love this guitar...
Any help or advice would truly be appreciated.
spray a little water inside the pups

spray the hell out of them with compressed air

wait over night

play the guitar
The pickups are fine. You could get damage to volume and tone pots, Make damn sure you get moisture out of any guitar cavities.
Canned air.. Anything that can rust, WD40 e.g.(in in pots) It might make it feel loose though,. Not sure if it's safe on pickups but that doesn't seem like an issue..
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
Quote by Silent Murder
Canned air.. Anything that can rust, WD40 e.g.(in in pots) It might make it feel loose though,. Not sure if it's safe on pickups but that doesn't seem like an issue..

I would NOT use wd40 at all on any part of a guitar!

I would clean everything with some deoxit or a safe electrical cleaner.
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Quote by ethan_hanus
Remove the pickups, and clean them up with whatever, and removed the electronics and clean the entire guitar, put back together, and problems solved.

This, if you know how to take off the pups. You could clean it thoroughly if you take out the pups completely because it will only give you a bit of space to clean. Not that big of a deal unless it interferes with the knobs and pots.
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pretty much. the pups are attached to a brackets (or pickguard) by screws that adjust the pups distance from the strings, the the bracket (or pickguard) is screwed to the body to secure it. so really you can unscrew the bracket (or pickguard, whichever is your case) and clean off the pickup and whatever root beer got in the cavity.
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What an a-hole, I feel for you. The compressed air sounds good, I would do everything possible to make sure there is no beer still in there, even if that means taking it to a tech if you don't feel comfortable yourself. Beeter that than risk damage internally in the long run that could be prevented now.

Then I'd hunt down that mother****er and introduce him to my friends knuckles and pain
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