First of all, there is quite a large number of bands called 'The Varlets'. I just downloaded and listened to both the tracks. Considering the age of your band member's I think you guys are great. You've obviously put a lot of effort into crafting and recording your tracks. My favorite was definitely 'No. 2'. It's good to see kiwi musos getting their music out there. Keep on rocking in the free world...
Strange, It seems like a character mutation, Though I have all the means, of bringing you fuckers down, I can't make myself, To destroy upon command, Somehow forgiveness, lets the evil make a loss - Danger Mouse/Sparklehorse/Wayne Coyne
Thanks man. We're working on a name change haha.

Edit: If you're going to post crit could you please tell us which is your fav? Cheers
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