My friend is selling one for 250USD. This seems like a pretty good deal and the thing looks sexy.

The styles I mainly play are jazz, ambient, prog/psychadelic rock, and sometimes metal. So a wide range of stuff.

How does this thing sound? Can it fit these styles? Is 250 a good price?
I have this guitar and I can attest to it's versatility, I got it used very recently for $350, so jump on that shit. I have absolutely no complaints, and I play anything from ska to metal to everything in between. It shines the most on it's cleans regardless of amp, but with some tweaking, it can do pretty much anything. The coil taps tripped me out when I made that discovery entirely by accident, but it's made it even more useful.
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I would get it it's a good deal, an yes schecter's are very good for all types of music I think.