I need to make a decision regarding my 7 string. As you can read in my sig, it's an Agile Septor Pro 727.
It has a 27" neck and an inline headstock.

A problem emerges from this however. The low 7th string is an awfully long way from the bridge, and a lot of strings only just reach the tuning peg leaving no string to wind the string around the post, so I was thinking about getting some locking tuners installed on it to solve this problem.

I've heard of Sperzel and Schaller, are there any others? I have Schecter ones on my 8 string Blackjack and they work fine so I have had experience and know how the work.

So, I'm asking in your opinions, what are the best options?
no experience personally but i've heard wonderful things about the schaller ones.
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I use a bass string for my 7 string, though it's not a reverse headstock, but a bass scale is 34"(i think), so it should be plenty long. I just buy a single .068, but that may be more expensive than a 7 string pack.

edit: btw, I heard that the schecter locking tuners are made by Grover. Not sure though
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