So, I'm saving up for my Dream Rig which consists of a Les Paul 58' reissue vos, Fender Hot Rod, a bunch of different accessories and pedals, etc. I'm almost done plotting the whole thing out, but the last aspect that I haven't gotten to a resolution with is pickups in the les paul.

Now I'm going to be modding the guitar with the "Jimmy Page mod" which will allow for Coil-Splitting AND reverse phasing so I'm not sure if I'll need to buy a special type of pickup with that????

If not, I'd still go for a different set of pickups since I've heard that the stock LP burstbuckers are decent but not great.

Since price is not an issue at all, what would be top quality pickups for someone who's into a vintage Jimmy Page sound?

If I were to describe the sound I'm looking for with adjectives lol, it'd be:
A whailing hot and seary tone, yet able to hit really creamy (NOT referring to the band cream) and smooth tones.

I hope that helps. Thanks!
Seymour Duncan JB is an extremely versatile, well respected pickup. Though I don't know exactly what you'd want for the neck.
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Gibson burstbuckers are pretty great actually. Their only problems are that they cost more than they should and you can't get them with four conductor wiring which is what you need for splitting them and for phase switches. If they cost £70 instead of £110 and had four conductor wiring then I think a lot more people would sing their praises.

But you will need to change them if you intend to do JP wiring so that's a moot point.

If you're in the EU or if you're outside of the EU and don't mind spending a little extra on shipping, The Creamery pickups are the best handwound, vintage PAF-style pickups money can buy. They're reasonably priced for what they are too. Cost a bit more than SDs or DMs since they're handwound but a bit less than Bare Knuckles since they're a slightly lesser-known brand.


The 57 or 59 will be what you want, I personally would use the 59 if you think you'll get a lot of use out of the coil split because when you split a humbucker the output drops a lot, almost to half, so the slightly hotter output of the 59 model would help keep the split mode from being too quiet. A 59 model in the neck and a 57 in the bridge would be a good set that would mimic the balance of a real late 50s LP. Order them with alnico 2 or alnico 4 magnets depending on what kind of tone you want and what the natural tone of the guitar that you're putting them into is. Some LPs can be quite bright so for that you'd want the alnico 2. For a darker-toned LP you'd want the alnico 4.

If you want to stick to larger brands or things that are just easier to get hold of then I'd say go for a Seymour Duncan 59 in the bridge and a DiMarzio 36th Anniversary PAF in the neck. Both can be ordered with four way conductor wiring although the ones that you find on most shop shelves will only have 2-wire conections so do make sure you order the correct thing. Or you could put the 36th PAF in the bridge and use a SD Seth Lover in the neck but I'm pretty sure the Seth Lover isn't available with 4 conductor wiring unless you put in a custom order which costs a bit more.

Or if you don't end up doing the JP wiring then honestly stick with the burstbuckers. They'll get you just as close to that golden classic rock tone as anything else. Jimmy Page use the Gibson burstbucker wind but with an alnico 3 magnet in the neck one and an alnico 5 magnet in the bridge. All that really means is that his bridge pickup is a tiny, tiny bit brighter than the stock bridge burstbucker that the Gibson 58 reissue comes with and that's a modern change he uses, his original guitar had alnico 3 and 4 magnets I believe. If you wanted to be totally accurate you can buy alnico magnets by themselves very cheaply and swapping pickup magnets is easy so you could just take the stock pickups and put an alnico 3 and 4 or 5 magnet in them. Eric Clapton also uses burstbuckers with alnico 3 magnets and Jeff Beck uses burstbuckers with the stock alnico 2 magnets.
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I have one in my Les Paul's neck...

Nothing wrong with that, I just see them commonly paired with a '59 in the neck.
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Ok thanks for the info guys, especially Grohl! I'm going to check out the seymour duncans and definitely the creameries! Oh and the mule!
Burstbuckers 1 & 2, might as well throw some 9's on it while your there.