Hi there guys...i have a few questions. Im playing two amps and two cabs together with one guitar via an a/b box. It goes like this...Im plugging my guitar into a line 6 m9, having left go to my 5150 directly, and the right input go into a volume pedal, into a looper, into the next amp. The scenario is that im the only guitarist in the band, and im going to be playing most of the guitar parts thru both amps in a "stereo" situation, and i plan on rocking the volume pedal back to kill the sound out of the second amp, turning the looper on so that i can play ambient and secondary guitar loops thru the second amp and play staccato type rhythms thru the first amp. I hope this makes sense. I recorded loops, ambient noise, and sub drops onto my digitech jamman...it matters if amp two is on clean or distortion since the looper is plugged in...and it makes the loop either clean or distorted. First question: How do i play loops and make them come out clean, but the amps channel is distorted...so i don't have to switch to clean and switch back quickly, which becomes hard to do in a live on the spot situation. Can i get something like a line 6 spider 3 or 4 where there is a cd out and that will bypass whatever channel im on? (im not sure if it even does that) What if i plug it thru the fx loop? Or, if i plug a dist pedal AFTER the loop but leave the amp on clean...i think that will work? Is there anyway to do this? I don't have my gear with me, and i don't own a second capable amp yet to try this out. Something tells me this is impossible...either the amp is clean or distorted...if i play the loop thru with the drive channel lit, my loop will be distored...but that seems to only be the case if i run the looper into the front input, not a cd or fx loop input. While typing this..this popped in my head. If were to run the looper thru a cd input, have the amp on clean, but run a distortion pedal with the loop not in that chain...its SEEMS like it would work. Idk, im stumped.

Is there a better way to do this kind of setup then what i have above? It seems pretty efficient and it is simple...which i like.

another question that is less of my focus: I own a line 6 lowdown 750 that i may use for the second amp...is it ok to plug a guitar cab into a bass amp and do this above setup?
Whoa dude. Wall of text. Paragraphs.

I'll answer your last question first: Yes, you could plug a bass amp into a guitar cab (I think thats what you're asking...)so long as the impedance matches, but guitar speakers are not built to withstand loud bass frequencies, so at a certain point you'll blow your speaker.

First question: Is amp 2 a valve amp? If so you could have your loop station before your volume pedal and have the volume down at a level which wont distort your amp. If this wont be loud enough, then I dont see how you're going to get around switching channels on your amp. I have no experience with amps that have cd inputs and stuff, but it seems to me that they should have the cd bypass the modeling section of the amp, so it should play back clean even if your tone is distorted. So I'd look into that.
i know that bass freq is bad for guitar speakers...it would be eq'd midrange like a guitar amp. Just wondering if ohms match, there is no other harm right? I don't want to lug my very heavy fender bxr 300 410 around and the cab is already the drummers responsibility to lug around ha.

amp 2 probably won't be....im looking at a line 6 spider III or IV...just cuz they are cheap and seem to sound ok without being crap.

hmmm that may work...but with vol ped after the loop, that will kill its volume when i rock it back, and it has to be at a level that the other amp is running at. The cd input seems to be the solution...i just don't know without trying...got go grab mah gear!