I've been learning a lot about theory these past few days and I found it VERY rewarding to see what was going on in the Sultans of Swing solo! I wasn't playing random frets and strings , I was actually tying the chords in the background with the notes that where being played! IDK but I felt awesome after I figured it out...

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a lesson or video of why the notes in the solo are played , sort of like an analysis.

I would go through the major scale and how chords are made and how the notes in the chords match with the solo.

SO just tell me if anyone would be interested and I'd do it for sure!

EDIT: Can a mod transfer this to the classic rock bands section? I thought this was the ideal place ...
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I would be interested in something like that...post it if you record it. Thanks.
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