So, after finishing up my bands session today, everything sounded great. We played it all back, everything sounded normal and good. I exited out of Pro Tools 9 and the Word Clock got changed. Now everything is sped up and sounds like chipmunks.

I know how to fix it in every other DAW but for some reason, I cant find the setting in PT9 to fix it. Anyone know (Yes, I googled).
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My best guess is look under Setup - Session and make sure everything is right in there.
Fixed it in a weird work around. Basically had to import the old session into a new one with the sample rate corrected. Theres prob an easier work around, its just not a problem I've experienced in my life so its kinda weird.
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this happens to me all the time, quite frustrating really. In Logic Pro it's very easy to change, but in Pro Tools I'm not really sure how to do it within the program.

But, the way I reset it is I go into (on a mac) Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup. Then I change the sample rate to whatever my session is in for everything, that works.