I've heard many people do this avi buffalo technique where they'll play guitar chords and on different stuff so it sounds exactly like what they're singing. I really like this technique and it sounds like many guitars when its just one. Can anyone help?
an example could help me see what youré talking...
cause i'd say "search the notes you're singing an play them on the guitar" but i think thats too obvious, i'm thinking about this but idk.. on this song is the bass not the guitar btw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsjRG7onE8M at 0:51

edit: now that i re-read your post i realize how wrong i am, try to send me an example anyways
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can you articulate that more clearly please? this is not to be a dick but im not sure what you are asking. where you say "...and on different stuff so it sounds exactly..." is particularly confusing. are you talking about playing chord voicings on the lower strings and adding melodies over it on the higher strings? maybe some type of fingerpicking or hybrid picking style.
Hey man thanks for the response a good example would be this go on youtube and listen to Jessica by Avi buffalo or what's it in for? Those are both perfect examples
Like the covers of Sungha Jung?
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He's just playing the chord progression, but playing little phrases that match with what he's singing on the changes. He's doing it with suspensions a bit too.

The best way to get really good at that is to sit and improvise, but sing what your playing. Once you get comfortable with that, trying singing the notes just before you play them. Then once you have the whole thing down you can write the way he does. Of course, you could always do it backwards and just sing what you play.

Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn often played licks and phrases like what they were singing, either while they sang or in between or in the solos. Like in Cold Shot or the first verse of Voodoo Child.
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