I have been playing bass for close to 5 years and I plan on buying a head and cab. I was thinking the Orange Terror Bass head paired with a Avatar 410 Neo cabinet. I want to make sure the cab can handle the head before I spend alot of money on it. Please let me know what you think and give some recommendations.
Hell YES that's an awesome combination.

The Avatar Neo will totally handle the Terror Bass. Personally, I'd probably get the Avatar at 8ohms rather than 4ohms, for the possibillity of stacking another cab with it in the future. But, if you know the 410 will get you through any/most gigs, go ahead and get the 4ohm!

Also... you GOTTA get it in white tolex to match the Terror Bass!!
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Thanks alot man. Its gonna take me a while to save up, but ill stick to that plan. And I will get the white tolex. Fo sho!