Musically you guys are pretty good. Nothing against your vocalist, I just can't stand his style of vocals. I'm sure he does these type of vocals just fine, but I have a hard time listening to them. As far as the song goes, its well constructed, has some good playing.
Thanks a lot. Yeah, we've had very mixed opinions about our vocalist. Some people love them and some hate them. He's only been doing vocals for 8 or 9 months and this is his first band. We see a lot of potential in him. Thanks for the critique! We should be posting a new song soon so keep checking back!
I was browsing through Ultimate Guitar's band promotion thread and found your band. I also went to your facebook page.

I am senior in the Graphic Design program at KU, and my project for the semester is to design something for a niche audience. I chose up and coming bands as my audience. I am interested in designing a service that would take the band's artwork and apply it to anything they could possibly dream of at a low price. This would include custom guitars, drums, sticks, bags, amps, cords, picks, and more.

I was wondering how you promote your band other than your internet site? Do you use posters, graffiti, flyers? How are these made? Do you use a service? Would you be interested in buying advertising through the company you bought your band equipment through? Would it make you trust the products and services you were purchasing more than sending it off to a stand alone company?

What are your thoughts or suggestions? I am open to anything.
Sounds like an awesome idea.

We actually don't really promote any other ways except the internet and word of mouth. I have been in bands that have promoted with flyers though; my guitar player did graphic design so he would make a flyer for a show and print a bunch off and we would put them all over the city. I think it'd be really cool to advertise though our equipment, the only concerns would be expense and quality. As long as the custom jobs wouldn't affect the quality of the instrument, I don't see why I wouldn't want one myself. If done properly, it could be a really great tool for artists to use.