Didn't get to go on all day, heres one going on my bands next cd. Its got kind of a dissonant funky beat with a much more soothing major chorus. Complaining again.


You Must Be Kidding Me-

He sits down at his desk
Sees just a face mask
Starts to work, as he breaks a sweat
He pulls out his tools
He has the image in his head
The forward thinking
The planning so involved
The perfect fabric, for his doll
This will be his tool
He has the image in his head
The desk he is sitting at
It is in a room
Its quite open, there there’s room to move
Its in the shape of a circle
After it got dropped on its head
The image that he made
Inside of his head
Is starting to shape, as he pulls the thread
Just enough room for his hand
To reach all the way up into his head

Did you really think this didn’t happen before?
You must be kidding me

The man sitting there
He’s sat there before
And before him, there sat many more
We can’t barely remember
Or was it that we were never told
It’s not like Him
The man sitting there
To talks to us, or makes things clear
That’s not the order of operations
Goes against everything we’re told
But the man sitting there
He has many plans
And the man sitting there, has many friends
He knows how to use them
His goals are well in his reach
The investments he’s made
The steps he took
Aren’t the works of god, but another book
He drinks corexit
He vomits oil to the sea

Did you really thing this didn’t happen before?
You must be kidding me