Hello fellow UGers,

A day or two ago, I finally got around to recording a song idea I've been toying with, and I'm not quite sure what to think about the final product. Any thoughts you fellow budding songwriters can share with regards to pretty much anything would be greatly appreciated. Are the lyrics okay? Is the instrumentation totally rubbish? How about song structure?

The song is called "Lilith", and it's at the top of my profile.

Thanks in advance, and I'll happily listen to anything you fine folks would want my two cents on! Please note though that it may take me a day or two to have an opportunity to do so due to my work scheduale, but I SWEAR I will hear you all out

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I like the acoustic melody. It's nice and subtle. The lyrics are good, but your vocals need more work. It's good as is, but it could be improved a lot more. Love when all the other instruments come into the song. It's a great change. When the vocals come back in, the drums stop too abruptly. As least that's what it seems like to me. This is a really good song.

Good Lyrics. I like the melodies. Your vocals sound good for what you are doing, I didn't see any thing wrong with them to be honest. I enjoyed how the guitar got louder and then the drums came in, it progressed very nicely. The drums didn't sound bad, but sounded sort of out of place with the song to me.

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