Hey guys, i'm pretty new to posting on here... I don't believe i've done so in at least a year. My questions are actually below, so if you don't want to read the context, just skip the paragraph in the middle haha

Half a year ago I bought a Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 amp during Christmas sale for around 600, it was cheaper than the deluxe and any similar tube amps, so that's what made me end up buying it compared to a smaller amp. However, a classmate who has the same amp and I realize that it's WAY too loud. Seeing as I do not gig (i'm still pretty young..) and the biggest crowds I play are at most 100 people, I feel like playing it at around 2 volume makes my sound sound very poor as the tone is suppose to get better when you hit higher volume levels, meaning I don't think I'm getting a very good sound out of the amp.

- Is there any way I can get my tone to the supposed "Fender" tube sound even at such low volumes? I usually play at home, or for church worship (they say it's too loud when i'm at like 2-3....).
- Could I buy a 40W tube and replace the 60W to try to get better sound from the tube?
- Is it possible to replace/lower the volume so it's not as loud?
a 40 watt wont really be any quieter.

i would try buying a volume pedal and putting it in the amp's effects loop. then turn the amp up to 4 or 5 (that seems to be the sweet spot on my hot rod deluxe) and back the volume down on the pedal. it won't be exactly like the cranked tone, but itll be closer
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Google Attenuator. It acts as a speaker cabinet before your speaker cabinet, I think, and lets you play with the power tubes wide open while still controlling volume.
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Thanks for the replies you two, question though I've never played with an effects loop so should I place only the volume pedal in the loop, or all my time-based pedals as well? And what is a good volume pedal?

Attenuator sounds complicated :S
You could replace the 6L6 power tubes with 6V6s. This will reduce your wattage a little. It will still be loud, but you might find you like the tone a lot better.

Depending on how old the amp is, you may want to have the volume pot changed. Fender used to use linear taper pots for their volume control. This puts all the volume at the beginning of the sweep. It sounds loud as hell at low settings and it doesn't really get any louder at higher settings, just more distorted. Have the volume pot changed to a audio taper pot. This may also help a little.

Check out this link: http://www.justinholton.com/hotrod/ It has a lot of good info on Devilles as well as the deluxe.