...haven't played Electric in two weeks, what are the best exercises to get my playing back in order

Especially for sweeping, I'm almost sure I've lost a great deal of proficiency in that
... Practice what you could do untill you can do it how you used to?
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first you need to tap your head 5 times, then jump up and down in your bed 10 times, after that stand on your head for 5 minutes exactly, not more or it wont work, then go outside and walk 1 kilometer backwards, and then walk forward until you get back again, then pick up your guitar and spin it over your head 10 times and say " si ma di no ri ma se" every spin to finish the spell that will make your lost skills come back
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im gonna have to go with what jaekae said.

no but seriously, i think the best thing is just to start slow.
if you want to get good at sweeping again, just start sweeping really slow, then go a little faster, then a little faster and if you do it proficiently, youll be back up to full speed in no time.
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Go to the gym then get some money and buy a broom.

EDIT: Seriously, start off slow.


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Heck, I quit playing for ten years and never lost a thing. Came right back to me in ten minutes!! (NOTE: The preceding bullsh** has been brought to you by [Insert Sponsor Name]).

How about: Do a handstand on your sweeping hand and practice this until you can handstand on just the fingers of that hand. Then, after everything is healed properly, just take the advice of most of the rest of the guys on here and start out slowly, gradually building up your speed.

But I really didn't play much for ten years, because my job didn't allow me the time. I'm retired now and it took me three months to get back in decent playing shape again. I didn't rush things and neither should you.
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That's what I thought - start slow!- got it hahahaha
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Punch hanging slabs of meet in a butcher's fridge and jog up and down the steps to a municipal building in your local area.

Or, y'know.... play a little. Start with a couple of scales and build it back up to the speed you could before...
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