Mesosade's Free Album/Logo design.

Hey all, I've recently started building a portfolio of designs, and I find that albums are on of those most diverse art forms, giving room to really create different artistic ideas. So I call upon the many bands and musicians on these forums to requests covers/logos, all those kind of things. Of course free work often piles up pretty quickly so I apologize if any requests take a while to fulfill. However I am currently out of work, so most of my free time is dedicated to this.

For info about my design page: www.facebook.com/otherworlddesign

Basic info for requests:

Band name
Preferred colours
An example image of a similar style.

Work done so far:

Current Requests: 5

Elm Grove - Finished/Awaiting Feedback

Nighon - Finished/Awaiting Feedback

Drowning In Her Eyes - Currently being redesigned

Martyrdom - Finished/Approved

Hold The Title - In Progress

How to Contact Me


Feel free to add the contact on MSN aswell if you would like to discuss your request further

P.S I understand there is someone on these forums doing the same service, but hey, if you can get two different designs to choose between (not to mention for free) then there shouldn't be too much of a problem.
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First request finished! For the band colorful novelty. A good start to a hopefully fun venture!

Martyrdom's logo has been approved!

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Alrighty, that's all for today. Will get to work on more requests tommorow!
Drowning In Her Eyes logo is being currently redesigned.
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