I am looking to get a new amp but I'm on a pretty tight budget so can anyone recommend me a new amp for a max or £200.

It will only be for home practice I play metal such as Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot and my guitar is a Schecter Synyster Standard.
Blackstar HT-1 Combo?
Blackheart Killer Ant?
If you go used you might be able to get a head and cab of your choice.

Take a look at other 1/5 watt tube amps. There's a few in that price range if you go used. Plus, low wattage tube amps are best for high gain.
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Go for a Blackstar HT-1 and if you have any cash left over then purchase a metal pedal. I was in your exact position and I've never looked back. All the best!
er... don't you already have a thread on this which you started last night?

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i know line 6 spider's get fully slated on UG
but back when i started playing guitar about 5 years ago i got a line 6 spider ii 30watt combo, i still have it now. I admit it's not really great, but i've got a really nice clean and insane mode set up and they're relatively cheap too
the newer spiders aren't even that bad, they have loadsssssss of different tones saved into them, i think there's even a specific slipknot one!
cant really say i'm an expert with combos, just whatever you do don't get a marshall MG series amp, had one for a month last year and sold it, awful.
I found you an insane deal last night

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