Please say this isn't true! R.I.P
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\m/ Raise your glasses for him tonight

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I wonder how the rest of Motorhead will react to this seeing as their playing this evening at Sonisphere.
Wurzel was a great guy, and his sound and approach to playing guitar was one-of-a-kind. He maybe wasn't the most technically skilled player, but he made up for that in passion and determination.
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Oh god...

As soon as I saw 'Motorhead' and 'Dead' in the same sentence I thought it was Lemmy...needless to say a little piece of me just died.

I never knew who the guitarist is really but I know he wrote some awesome riffs.

May he rest in peace
May have to sacrifice bieber to get him back
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This was last year. He went out kicking.

It was Wurzel who passed away, that album was released with the current lineup which he was no longer a part of.
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May have to sacrifice bieber to get him back

ITT: Oxymorons. "sacrifice" implies value
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It was Wurzel who passed away, that album was released with the current lineup which he was no longer a part of.
Ah, I wasn't sure if he was around by then, my bad. Deleted.
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I only saw them 1 month ago at the Nova Rock Festival.

I just can't believe it...

Rest In Peace.

EDIT: After clicking on the link I found out that it wasn't Phil Campbell who died, as I originally assumed.
Michael Burston's death is still a tragedy nontheless.
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Never heard of Seinfeld, what kind of music do they play? Assuming they use Kramers, it must be heavy!


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Did anybody else really like "1916"? I thought it was a killer album.
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What a dick, right? Skid Row are awesome
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I think Motorhead sucks. It's too bad that this fella had to take a dirt nap, though.
Wow, that's heavy. I was supposed to go and see them on the 24th RIP.
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Motorhead will probably do tribute at Sonisphere.

At least I hope they do.
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he was a great guitarist.
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