hi guys,

looking for one on behalf of my parents for my younger brother..
he's into metal... all kinds.
bands like: avenged sevenfold, bmth, asking alexandria, slipknot.. to name a few..

used is fine
based: east midlands, UK
max budget: £250(max)

from my knowledge (not really into these axes) something like a ibanez S series?

thanks guys
He's soon to grow out of the whole metal thing, so don't get him something which is over the top metal. At that budget, I'd probably go for an Epiphone Les Paul Standard or a G400.
he current has a vintage(make) SG - i got him this 2 years ago (personally i like it)
he's 15 now..
Used ibanez rg. If you can find an 's' for that $ do it!
Ibby uses crappy pups tho! Save enough for a pup swap.

Also +1 on the epi lp standard. Just put new pups in mine and it handles metal tones fairly well, only issue is 22 frets...
on the S models,
which ones are the better models?

i know it's not always the price represents the best value models?

same with RG's?

never looked into 'metal' guitars..
It's a shame no one plays rock and blues any more but yes I'd recommend an ibanez rg, never personally played one, but they get the job done for metal, get that boy into eric clapton and david gilmour and buy him a mim strat haha jk we all have our different taste in music.
haha it's the same for me..
never played these types.. almost strictly a fender type of player..
haha believe it or not some of us guys that play metal actually do dig blues too. at least it isnt crap like Suicide Silence haha. but get something like an RG probably. with a pickup swap later on it could be a really versatile guitar. Btw, yes, I play stuff like Atreyu and Killswitch Engage, but im just as likely to bust out Crossroads by Clapton or some Howlin Wolf. He will grow to discover other music eventually and not just stuff with drop tuned triplets