or is there something else out there similar but better?
just purely trying to keep my options open, not really a pro when it comes to pedals i've only ever really checked out boss products, n00000b
I used to use digitech digidelay, it does the same thing but was cheaper...
I dont like digitech in general, but this pedal was ok, if I remember correctly it even had a chorus setting.
GO TO HELL n0000000000b! Just kidding, of course.

If you're looking for cool delay and looping effects with lots of options, then the DD7 is a good choice. In my opinion, you'll quickly run out of ways to use the effects like looping, reverse delay etc. and you'll end up only using the basic delay. I use the MXR Carbon Copy. Very simple to use, but delay sounds beautiful. I prefer analog effects (DD7 is digital). Once you experiment enough with effects, you'll find that analog better preserve the tone of your guitar without making it sound like a lifeless computer generated sound.
But thats just my opinion. Some people prefer digital effects because they're usually more customizable and efficient.
You decide.
The dd7 is awesome. Ive had it close to a year and it can do everything. The only thing wrong with it is that it doesnt tell you the exact amount of ms the delay is, it only gives you a few numbers and you have to adjust in between to find the right sound. Takes some figuring out.
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ive had the dd7 for about 2 years now and its probably the pedal i use the most. the delay is great, just one thing you should know before you buy it is that you can't have any delay on when you're looping. its the only thing that surprised me and its a mild irritant, otherwise its a solid pedal and great for the price.